Finance & Logistic Partner
movement of goods
and money
business processes that determine the movement of goods and money in foreign economic activities
an effective strategy of foreign economic activity, and adapt it to the goals and objectives of your business
We provide financial and logistic consulting.
The product suits for
Business owners

who want to increase economic efficiency, security, and freedom of management.


which are engaged in foreign economic activities, focused on growth, obtaining international investment, and partnership

We create opportunities
To increase business profitability by optimising the routes of movement of goods and money

To spot inefficient links in current business process chains

To make use of the best international practices and operating models

To get financial benefit from building legally linear routes for movement of goods and finance

To acquire full legal transparency

To preserve efficiency in dealing with the state with less risk

To secure your right to own your business

To reach a new level of trust in relationship with international partners

To increase your business value

To get assessed and audited at an international level

To turn a carefully designed holding structure into an asset

To remove organisational risks that reduce the value of the company

Stages of consulting
Multifactorial auditing
Searching for relevant model
Project development and implementation
Foreign economic activity management
Our business model is designed to maintain long-term relationships and deep immersion in business needs.

We are sure that we can achieve the best results when working in partnership.

Our confidence is supported by facts

We have adjusted foreign economic activities of 120 companies


We have increased the business profitability of our partners by 8%


We save over 70% of our customers’ operating time

What makes us different is

Perfect customer service, uncharacteristic of FEA companies

Experience in successful negotiations with top businesses and regulators

Expertise in logistics, finance, and law

The ability to always find solutions, that pay off