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Multifactorial auditing

The current status of accounting in the company

The amount of current assets and optimisation techniques

Cost structure and cost-effectiveness

The number of legal entities and the functional load of each company

Company jurisdictions and the state of property rights

Sales volumes and forms of settlement with customers

Product import schemes: what companies are involved, what is optimised

The cost structure for the movement of goods and money

Number and type of suppliers

Search for a relevant FEA model

Research of the best world practices and own cases

Selection of the organizational structure of a holding or group of companies from proven models

Consultation with point experts on sector-specific jurisdiction and legal particulars issues

Adaptation of models to the characteristics of customers’ business

Calculation of economic efficiency in a particular case

Project development and implementation

Preparation of legal documents for change of property rights and incorporation of new companies in international jurisdictions

Business process engineering for specific functional positions in the company

Work with financial experts, accountants, FEA logistics experts, and logistic partners over the implementation of business processes and the formation of proper documentation

Communication with regulatory, administrative, and financial authorities (customs, revenue authority, commercial banks)

Contracting and coordination on behalf of the customer (suppliers, logistics operators)

Establishment of IT services

Partnership and FEA management

Ocean freight

Car delivery

Port freight forwarding

Custom legalization

Support for financial transactions

Accounting / consolidated accounting audit

Transfer pricing

A significant economic effect and mitigation of foreign economic activity risks can be achieved only through comprehensive solutions that take into account multiple factors